About Company

HMS is a leading company offering complete solution to your marketing and information processing needs. The company specializes in state of the art systems and technology to provide professional outsourcing service in Marketing; Online & Traditional.

We help clients create, execute, and sustain, brand and integrated business, with traditional and digital marketing strategies to improve their competitive performance.We are committed to providing professional marketing strategies that directly improve your company’s bottom-line.

HMS has helped launch many products, services and Greenfield ventures since 1996. In 2000 HMS helped set up Data Direct LLc Dubai.

HMS is a cost-effective and efficient outsourcing alternative for any business in need of managing their Marketing and Information processing requirements. HMS has the capabilities and resources to handle any type or size of project, on either short or long term. HMS makes these important tasks virtually worry free.

Our 200+ strong list of clients include Hewlett Packard, Canon, CNN, Discovery, FedEx, Honda Motorcycles and Scooters, ESPN, Bacardi Martini, Frito Lays ………….


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